February 16, 2023

When Your Pediatrician says, “Let’s just wait and see.”- Being Proactive in your Child’s Development

Laura Gencarella Speech Therapist in Charlotte, NC

Laura Gencarella
Owner, Speaking Sensory LLC

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POV: You bring your child to their well-check and voice concerns that your child isn’t kneeling and/or getting on all fours and they are already ten months old. After listening to your concerns, your pediatrician says, “Let’s follow up with this at their next appointment. There is no need to worry.” You feel like something still isn’t right, but don’t know what else to say since this is their pediatrician, and this is supposed to be their field of expertise. You leave feeling defeated and still concerned about your little one’s developmental success.

At Speaking Sensory we believe in proactive developmental decisions for all, and like our families to have the mindset of – “when in doubt, refer it out!” Let’s read about the why!

When it comes to child development, parents often find themselves in a dilemma – should they wait for their little one to reach a certain milestone before intervening, or should they take an active role in their development?

The answer is clear – parents should never wait when it comes to their child’s development. Early intervention and support are essential for helping children reach their full potential in areas such as physical, intellectual, cognitive, and emotional milestones. By taking an active role in the learning process, parents can help boost their child’s confidence levels and develop skills more effectively.

Studies have also shown that waiting for too long can actually be detrimental to a child’s development. If parents delay interventions until later in life, any progress made may be minimal or slower as the brain will become less receptive to learning new skills.

Early intervention doesn’t mean you need to push your little one beyond what feels comfortable for them; rather, it means providing them with the right level of support so that they can develop naturally at their own pace. So don’t wait – start supporting your child’s growth now!

Contact us today for a FREE developmental screening and let us teach you the WHY and HOW behind being proactive in your child’s development.

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