January 30, 2023

What is an OT?

Laura Gencarella Speech Therapist in Charlotte, NC

Laura Gencarella
Owner, Speaking Sensory LLC

Speaking Sensory speech therapy session in Charlotte, NC

Here at Speaking Sensory, LLC, our team is made up of an occupational therapist (OT) and a speech language pathologist (SLP). A pediatric OT is a healthcare professional who specializes in helping children with physical, mental, developmental, or emotional disabilities participate in everyday activities. OTs use therapeutic techniques and activities to help children develop the skills needed to perform daily tasks such as dressing, eating, writing, and playing. Pediatric OTs also work with families to provide support and guidance on how to best care for their child. Through individualized treatment plans and strategies, they can help children reach their full potential.

Pediatric OTs typically work in a variety of settings including hospitals, outpatient clinics, schools, homes, private practices and other community-based organizations. They may also collaborate with doctors, physical therapists, speech-language pathologists and other health care professionals to create comprehensive treatment plans for their patients.

Early intervention and occupational therapy skills play an important role in helping children with disabilities reach developmental milestones. OTs can provide specialized treatment and activities to help children develop physical, cognitive, social and communication skills. Through the use of adaptive equipment, sensory activities and age-appropriate tasks, they can help children learn how to adapt to their environment and improve overall functioning.

Do you notice differences in your child’s development compared to same-age peers? Contact us today for more information about our free screenings and the services that we offer at Speaking Sensory! We hope you understand what an OT is and look forward to working together!

Note: This content is written for instructional purposes only and should not be used in place of professional medical advice. Please consult your doctor for any concerns about your child’s development.

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