Liability Release Waiver

I hereby waive any claims for damages or injuries I and/or my child may suffer as a result of participating in an activity organized by Speaking Sensory, LLC. I understand that there are certain risks associated with this activity and agree to assume full responsibility for any such risks. Activities include but are not limited to open play, community collaboration events, developmental groups, entry to/from the building, initial evaluations, treatment sessions, re-evaluations and/or caregiver/child meetings. In no event shall Speaking Sensory, LLC or JustFit be held liable for any loss, injury, claim, or damage whatsoever resulting from my participation in the above-mentioned activities. I further declare that my child and I are in good health and have the physical ability to participate in the activities described above.

By affirmatively indicating my acceptance of this Liability Release Waiver, I understand I am providing consent equivalent to a physical signature, thus legally binding myself to the terms outlined herein.

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